International Program: FAQ

FAQs about DeSales’ International Student Program

All students who participate in the CIIE international program are interested in attending an American high school for an extended period of time, 3-4 years. These students are highly motivated to do well academically because their goal is to be accepted by an American university.

  1. Although the student is interested in spending several years at DeSales, we ask our host families to commit to just one academic year (approximately 10 months). The host family may participate as many years as they like, but we are only requesting one academic year.
  2. A stipend of $1,000 a month will be paid to the host family. The international student is expected to pay for the major and minor purchases outside of the normal daily care of the student. Please refer to section titled “What are the Responsibilities of the Host Family” for more detail on daily care of the student.
  3. Bank accounts will be set up prior to the student’s arrival so that medical costs, travel, and incidentals can be taken care of directly by the student.
  4. Travel times and vacation dates will be pre-determined so that pick up and drop off days and holiday plans may be made by both the host family and the student with as much ease as possible. (Usually the student will remain here in Walla Walla for Thanksgiving and Spring Break, but would return home or travel throughout the US accompanied by CIIE during the Christmas break and return home for the summer. Exceptions to this would be known ahead of time and agreed to by both the host family and the student’s parents.)
  5. Expectations of behavior will be outlined and explained to both the student and his/her parents and the host family. This will be an exchange on both ends. For example, home cooked meals several times a week by the host family and participation in household chores by the international student. Limited access to computers/internet and code of behavior as deemed acceptable by the host family, but not necessarily Sunday church attendance. Respect on both sides for the practicing religion of all families.
  6. Clear channels of communication with a response time of 24-48 hours depending on the concern between families.
  7. Expectation of full participation in DeSales’ academic, religious, athletic, extra-curricular, and community service school life. If exceptions are to be made, that needs to be discussed prior to the arrival of the student or semester that participation is anticipated. Usually the exception is in sports, because the international students’ parents request they put more study time into college preparation at the end of their Junior year and the beginning of their Senior year.
  8. Events that foster cultural exchange must take place several times throughout the course of the student’s stay in either a formal (school setting) or informal way (among the participating host families.) We will be partnering with Whitman College to facilitate this.
  9. Group activities among the host families to create a sense of community for them and the students in their charge.
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