Principal's Message

Geoff White, ELC Director

Welcome to our website. There are so many amazing things going on at the ELC. We have a staff of dedicated teachers creating a rich, warm environment to broaden your child's world.  We act as an extension of your arms and open that world up to your child. We do this through exposure, introduction, guidance, literacy activities and more!

Each child develops at a different pace, that is why we have chosen to have smaller enrollment for our preschool classes.  This way each child will feel safe while they explore the world around them. It gives way to each child finding a spot and a voice within the classroom setting. As your child grows and becomes confident in this, they will move to more of a readiness program. This program will prepare them for success in the Kindergarten class. We work with each family to make that transition as smooth as possible.

The best part of our work is including Jesus in the classroom. We foster a love for Jesus, model loving behaviors and practice forgiveness. These are all great seeds, that when planted and watered will yield great fruit.

Please take time to look at what we are doing at the ELC. If you have questions or want to take a peek at a class just call the office at (509) 525-9478.

Your child's comfort and growth here at the ELC are our first priority.

Geoff White, ELC Director



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