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Last Updated: 3/24/2020 3:47 PM

Nick Hazeltine

K-12 Physical Education Resources


Daily PE Workout!  All Ages

Fitness Guru Joe Wicks is providing daily Physical Education classes on his YouTube page.  The classes are 30 minutes in length and are great for all age levels.  He streams then live daily and if you can't make the stream then the replay version is available to access anytime.


K-2 Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga is an excellent resource for young kids to explore different body movements in a fun way.  Whether your child wants a fun adventure or needs some time to breathe/relax, there are plenty of options.


K-6 At Home Dance

One of the biggest leaders in developing Physical Literacy through dance,Dance Pl3Y, is offering free at home dances for kids to get organized movement at home.  The group makes dance videos to popular songs, while the kids are able to follow along with the movements.  The movements are more advanced(3-6th grade), but still a fun way for all K-6th graders to move at home.


7-12 High Intensity Interval Training 

A variety of fast paced workouts that work on all phases of fitness- cardio, plyometrics, upper body, lower body, abs and more.  The workout variety gives kids the opportunity to mix and match what fits them best.